Bodell Construction is committed to providing a safe work environment on all its projects. The standards and ongoing training initiatives to educate our employees and subcontractors on safe work practices and updated regulations have been built on our record of experience and desire for continued safety improvement. We take pride in having safety standards that exceed federal O.S.H.A. regulations. Our Director of Safety and Risk Management regularly reviews, implements and enforces our safety program along with a team of certified and dedicated regional safety officers.  Bodell Construction's current EMR rating is 0.76.


Our safety program involves:

  • Completion of a Jobsite Safety Analysis before the mobilization of any project.
  • A comprehensive, site-specific safety plan for each project.
  • A 100% hardhat, safety glasses and work boots policy on all job sites.
  • Strict project housekeeping standards for a clean and healthy work environment.
  • Employee and Subcontractor Safety Orientations and Weekly Health and Safety Meetings.


Bodell Construction has also been recognized by various organizations and public agencies for outstanding commitment to safety improvement.

  • AGC of Utah Achievement of Safety Excellence (2006 - 2015) Platinum level, 2016 Diamond level
  • Utah Mine Association Outstanding Safety Performance
  • The Utah Safety Council's Award of Merit (11 of the past 12 years)
  • Nevada Mining Association Contractors Safety Award
  • National Safety Council Safety Achievement Award (2011 - 2016)
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