For more than 50 years, Bodell Construction has provided construction services for the oil and gas industry. Thanks to our diverse service offerings, we can offer complete solutions for oil and gas construction projects in Salt Lake City and field locations. Our construction expertise ranges from building processing plants to fuel distribution centers to fabrication to welding pipelines to refinery infrastructures. With our leadership carrying over 200 years of combined experience in varying market segments our team of oil and gas contractors is uniquely positioned to help meet the growing demands facing the industry.

 Whether developing solutions for the complex needs of oil and gas construction projects or operating in challenging terrain, we understand what it takes to help our clients achieve success. Our contractors have established relationships with key vendors across a broad spectrum of market segments, including the oil and gas industry. These partnerships enable us to provide value-creating services and exceed the expectations of our client partnerships. Let us unify our shared purpose and passion with your project requirements. With collaboration from within and your input, we will succeed. Discover how our Salt Lake City oil and gas construction services will improve your next project— contact us today! 

Experience in Oil and Gas Construction

 Since 1972, oil and gas companies have relied on Bodell Construction for their excavation and infrastructure construction needs. Our state-of-the-art contracting solutions play a pivotal role in constructing fuel processing plants and pipelines in Salt Lake City and the rest of the Intermountain West. With a geographical reach that spans the United States, we deliver turnkey operational facilities for client partners in all four segments of the oil and gas industry: Upstream, Midstream, Downstream, and Oilfield Services. These sub-industries each have unique requirements, such as identifying and determining excavation protocols, pipeline transportation, implementing multifaceted equipment, structural steel erection, and more.  

 Bodell’s well-established reputation across the oil and gas industry makes us a go-to source for many of the market’s leading companies. We continually receive recognition for our outstanding construction practices and our commitment to safety, including AGC of Utah, Utah Mine Association, National Safety Council, and the Nevada Mining Association. Become one of our client partners to take your project from concept to execution. We will meet any project deadline or standards without jeopardizing quality or safety. Our successful and incident-free project deliveries are one of the reasons many top oil and gas companies choose to work with Bodell. Contact us to get started! 

Oil and Gas Construction Services

The oil and gas industry is rapidly growing to meet the demands of modern society’s reliance on fuel, oil, and gas production. Some of the most profitable companies operate in Salt Lake City and the Intermountain West. These oil and gas sources require extensive processing and infrastructure construction to be viable. No matter the scope of the project, Bodell’s oil and gas construction services will enable you to effectively run your processing, production, and distribution operations.

Although oil and gas structures are essential, constructing them is highly complex. Most projects in the oil and gas industry include site excavation, installing storage tanks, fuel storage, pipeline construction, bulk fueling facilities, and specialized equipment. Depending on our oil and gas construction services, you will receive value-driven solutions. These services include:

  • Consulting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analysis
  • Minimize hazards
  • Construct staging areas for storage tanks, sandbags, and equipment
  • Site preparation
  • Excavation
  • Clear cutting the pipeline
  • Pipe transportation
  • Operational delivery
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Hydro testing and installation
  • Fuel tank remodels
  • Truck fill stands
  • Product recovery tank
  • GPM pumps
  • Filter separators
  • Truck offload skids
  • Pump house construction
  • Aboveground piping
  • Fuel storage and dispensing tanks
  • Pipeline integrity testing and verification

Bodell’s Oil and Gas Construction Expertise

As one of Salt Lake City’s leading oil and gas construction contractors, Bodell Construction has successfully executed complex projects for client partners across a broad spectrum of markets. Our dedicated group of contracting professionals has the capability and expertise to execute varied scopes of work, including fuel distribution centers, processing plants, pump stations, and more. Bodell’s construction expertise encompasses all aspects of contracting and our extensive service range will allow us to take your project from inception to completion.

Ensure that your project has the capabilities required to maximize your operational potential—partner with Bodell Construction. Contact our Utah contractors today.

Oil & Gas Construction Projects

Piping laydown - Industrial value engineering project

Fuel Distribution and Pump House Replacement

Oil & Gas

High Point Compressor Station Wyoming Build

High Point Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Colorado Burdett Pump Station

Burdett Pump Station

Oil & Gas

Wyoming Roberson Creek Compressor Station

Roberson Creek Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Ramp Expansion 3D Rendering

C-17 Type III Hydrant Refueling and Ramp Expansion

Oil & Gas

Cyrogentic Processing Plan - Bodell Construction - Commercial Contractor

Cryogenic Processing Plant

Oil & Gas

Lihue Complete Airport Fuel Farm

Lihue Airport Fuel Farm

Oil & Gas

Finished Cement on Aboveground Piping

Aboveground Piping and Linear Replacement

Oil & Gas

Louisville Kentucky Fuel Farm Expansion

Worldport Fuel Farm Expansion

Oil & Gas

Dome Compressor Station

West Bravo Dome Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Merging Point at Compressor Station

Silver Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Refining Tanks Glacier Pipeline Oil

Buffalo Civil Steel & Pipe Project

Oil & Gas

Setting Cement Foundation Columns

Bison Amine Plant Phases I, II and III

Oil & Gas

Pall Flue Gas Filter Installation

MSCC Flue Gas Reduction

Oil & Gas

Foundational Columns Setting by Contractors

Greater Natural Buttes Processing Plant

Oil & Gas

Foundational Columns being Set

Chipeta Train 3 Major Foundation

Oil & Gas

Cement Being Poured Rebar Framing

Jet-A Fuel Facility Storage

Oil & Gas

Natural Gas Plant near River

Cherokee Natural Gas Supply Project

Oil & Gas

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