We Build Better Work Environments

An environment of Employee Collaboration using the latest Technology. Our robust Human Resources Program includes Emphasis on Employee Wellness and Communication including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Financial Wellness
  • Training and Instruction
How We Work Together White Paper

Building a Health and Safety Conscience Workplace

Bodell Construction is recognized as having a premier program in health, safety and environment (HSE) across all markets in which we operate. Our reputation with existing clients for our ongoing commitment to safety has been proven by maintaining a low incident rate record.

We have been recognized by various organizations and public agencies for our outstanding commitment to safety improvement such as Utah Safety Council, AGC and Utah Mining Association with receipt of various awards for over 21 years. Much of this is because of practice. Before every project starts, Bodell Construction holds a Safety Kickoff Meeting with every employee in attendance. These meetings help everyone focus on project safety throughout construction completion.




+ Smart Dollar Program

Promoting Financial Wellness

Bodell Construction also wants to promote financial wellness. To facilitate this, the Company offers an online financial wellness program called Smart Dollar, a Dave Ramsey program designed to help you manage and obtain goals related to your finances. Bodell Construction also offers 401K Retirement Plan after a year of employment.

Developmental "Wellness" through greater training and instruction

We seek to sustain a culture of continuous innovation, value creating service, organizational vitality, leadership, and continuous learning and application.

  • Team training and professional development opportunities
  • Consistent Learning and Application availability
  • Leadership that builds trust and alignment
  • Established standards of conduct
  • Shared employee activities such as quarterly cookoffs, potlucks and industry events
  • Open door policy
  • Social media participation through Workplace platform
  • Relationship building through daily tailgate meetings with our craft and trade employees at project sites.