Comprehensive Pre-Construction Services

Designed to serve the client and ensure that accurate pricing and smooth project operations characterize the work experience of the project.

Setting your construction project up for success begins during the pre-construction design and build process. Making the right decisions in the early stages of the project cycle will translate into favorable results and the establishment of good client relationships. Pre-construction services through Bodell are undertaken with a collaborative team approach that will result in a well-coordinated project design that is on schedule and within budget. During the pre-construction process, our project coordinators work hand-in-hand with trade partners, cost estimators, and construction managers for optimal project delivery.

Along with our project management services, the Bodell construction management team ensures construction design that is economical and environmentally sustainable. Our pre-construction services rely on cutting-edge planning stages using leading technology, a superior design process, visualization and modeling, as well as detailed value engineering systems for reliable pre-construction builds. Other expertise provided by our Utah pre-construction design and build services include the following:

  • Site Analysis
  • Site Development
  • Project Risk Analysis
  • Design Document Assessment and Review
  • Value and Scope Assessment
  • Quality Assurance and Constructability Analysis
  • Cost Modeling, Contingency Planning, and Cash
  • Flow Projections
  • Cost Estimating
  • Value Engineering
  • Solicitation and Qualification of Project-Specific Suppliers and Subcontractors
  • Permit and Utility Coordination
  • Environmental Sustainability Ideas and Pricing
  • Project Schedule and Phase Planning

Measuring Pre-Construction Services

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Taking the time to work through the pre-construction process will put your project on the fast track towards success. Before construction begins, our construction company will work with you to complete a project analysis, site selection, and design and build strategy. Our industrial contractors will identify systems and infrastructural details that need specific courses of action. We will also involve architects and design-focused teams to develop value-engineering solutions to maximize construction opportunities.

With over four decades of pre-construction build experience, our project team will rely on our in-depth knowledge to conceptualize a project that meets your vision, expectations, budget and timeline. As the pre-construction process continues, you can trust our professionals to provide input on value-engineering designs to maximize potential savings. We will also help mitigate cost risks associated with different designs, methods and layouts and ensure that you make informed decisions that help you meet your goals. Bring us your vision and our pre-construction designers will create a viable strategy for your project.

Where We Construct

Pre-construction services throughout the country

Bodell Construction delivers pre-construction services all across America, including Utah. With over 45 years of experience in pre-construction design, build, and project management, the Bodell team understands how to coordinate a project from beginning to completion. Our preconstruction team understands the intricacies of the design process and how to provide value-creating solutions. We do this by collaborative efforts of knowledgeable employees, as well as fostering a culture of vitality and ever forward professional development.

Our multi-disciplined, industrial contracting firm is also committed to safety on all of our job sites. Before mobilizing any project, our construction team will complete a jobsite safety analysis and a comprehensive site-specific safety plan, using our pre-construction service system.

No matter if we are developing a project in the early stages of preconstruction design or completing construction on a new industrial development, our team focuses on safety, quality, and efficiency in everything we do. You can ensure complete jobsite safety on your next project as our Director of Safety and Risk Management regularly reviews, implements and enforces our safety program along with a team of certified and dedicated regional safety officers.

No matter what you need, Bodell Construction is here to make it happen. With more than 15 field office locations across the country, our commercial contractors work hard to develop award-winning projects throughout the United States. Contact us to learn more about our experience, personnel, and equipment, so that we can ensure complete project delivery employing our preconstruction services.

Pre-Construction Projects

Setting Cement Foundation Columns

Bison Amine Plant Phases I, II and III

Oil & Gas

Welders Connecting Piping

J80/F95 Separations Tank Farm

Mining, Power Generation

Pall Flue Gas Filter Installation

MSCC Flue Gas Reduction

Oil & Gas

Upward Photo Smoke Stack

Combined Heat and Power Plant Phase 1 and II

Mining, Power Generation

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