Continuous Development

Why:  We believe there is always a better way to serve clients and colleagues, and it begins by being the exceptional, solutions-driven option – the better way. It continues by believing in and developing ourselves and those with whom we work – the better team.

Culture Development

What:  In addition to a well-regarded and recognized brand, the most successful companies have a unique culture experienced closely by their employees, and from a distance by their customers.

Bodell Construction’s mission and values (the “why”) have been built to distinguish its brand, service offerings and client experience though innovative service solutions (the “what”). The way these solutions are provided to the marketplace (the “how”) involves regularly applying meaningful and motivating experiences that form a company’s culture.

Culture Support

How:  We provide effective corporate leadership, guidance, and total support while empowering field teams to do what is needed for their projects. This combined freedom and corporate support helps project teams to build relationships with each other and with client partners. Such an environment allows field employees to completely immerse themselves in the project, resulting in better innovation and execution of construction. – a better way

Lasting Experiences

Objective: To successfully develop and implement a lasting company culture that continuously features the following client/employee experiences:

  • Collaboration
  • Accomplishment through execution
  • Adaptable team members that welcome change
  • Exciting, enjoyable and safe work environment that:
    • Is professional
    • Reflects our values
    • Applies workplace etiquette
    • Is respectful—free of discrimination, harassment or hostility
  • Crewmember advocacy for our field (HSE, QA and Production) programs, such as HSE, QA and Production
  • Accountability
  • Creation or identification of value-adding project solutions
  • Acknowledgment and appreciation for employee ideas
  • Learning and self-improvement

In other words: We enjoy a safe collaborative environment of exciting innovation, professional development, respect and integrity.