Water and Wastewater Construction Contractors

Bodell Construction is an industrial construction company with experience building waste water treatment facilities since 1972. Operating out of Salt Lake City with field locations across the United States, including Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, and New Mexico, Bodell specializes in construction projects throughout the water treatment industry. 

We continue to be a leader in this industry today thanks to our creative-driven solutions on the construction of water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, pump stations, and pipeline projects. In 52 years, Bodell has completed projects across a broad spectrum of market segments, including various wastewater treatment facilities and water reclamation facilities with more water construction work in progress. 

We have the creative approach and resources to maximize efficiencies throughout the construction process. From master planning of water treatment sites to creating facilities to handle tons of GPD septage, our methodology and design features exceed the expectations of our client partners. Trust our water construction expertise to maximize the capabilities of your water treatment facility. Contact us to learn more about our Salt Lake City water construction services!

Five Decades of Water Construction Experience

The Bodell Construction story begins in 1972 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Over the next five decades, our industrial construction company expanded its service offerings with experience constructing water reclamation and wastewater treatment facilities throughout the Intermountain West. Our vitality in the water construction industry stems from decades of delivering added value to the project delivery process. That process defines our dedication to the success of each project and the investment in the long-term prosperity of our client partners—a better way to build trust and alignment.

Our company’s growth is continually powered by a team of professional contractors who embody our mission to deliver industry-leading services by integrating the unique needs of dynamic client partners with innovative, value-creating solutions. Together, we constructed construction projects in various market segments across the country, including the Water Purification Treatment Plant in Duschene, Utah, UV Disinfection System Facilities in Kona, Hawaii, and the reclamation of Figueroa WPCE Aeration Basin in Yuma, Arizona. We have been recognized by various organizations and public agencies for our outstanding construction practices and our commitment to safety improvement for over a decade.

Trust us to take your water treatment construction project from concept to completion with our high-quality, safety-centered, timely contracting services.

Water Treatment Facility Construction Services

Utilizing proven water treatment processes, Bodell Construction specializes in constructing wastewater treatment and water reclamation facilities for client partners in several market segments. In $6 billion of completed water plants, we have worked for both the private and public sectors. Our close relationship with private companies, town officials, city and state engineers, and our many repeat customers prove the success of our water construction techniques. We work hard to ensure each service provides better quality controlled, cost efficiency, and safety.

Our specialized power construction company hires only quality, highly-skilled, energetic experts to deliver certainty of outcome to power plant client partners. Collaboration between our team and yours ensures value-driven services, whether constructing UV disinfection systems, water reclamation centers, sewage treatment plants, or wastewater treatment systems. These services are available in Salt Lake City, Utah, or  our field offices located throughout the United States. These water construction services include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Construction project management
  • Turnkey design and construction
  • Civil construction
  • Intake structure construction
  • Water tunnel and shaft construction
  • Design-build approach
  • Pipeline construction
  • Constructing municipal and industrial systems
  • Complex chemical feed system construction
  • Automated control system integration
  • Ongoing maintenance

 Water Construction Expertise

Bodell is highly experienced in constructing municipal and industrial water treatment plants totaling more than $6 billion over the last 52 years of operations, including new wastewater treatment facility construction, expansions, and modifications. Our ability to self-perform key processes combined with extensive experience in the construction and start-up of treatment facilities enables us to create value-driven solutions to improve control over project cost, quality, and schedule. Bodell can engineer, design, and implement water treatment solutions on your next project with our expertise.

As one of Salt Lake City’s trusted water construction contractors, Bodell has spent decades establishing strong ties between client partners in the water treatment industry. Our dedicated group of contracting professionals has the capability and expertise to execute varied scopes of work. With industrial-grade equipment and technical resources, we deliver construction projects with any delivery system you require. We will also provide knowledgeable insights throughout our partnership as our contractors expertly construct your new wastewater reclamation or treatment facility.

Maximize the capabilities of your next water construction project by contacting our Utah contractors today.

Water & Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Duchesne Water Purification Treatment Plant Process Improvements

Water & Wastewater

Kona UV Disinfection System - General Contractor Bodell Construction

Kona UV Disinfection System

Water & Wastewater

Ioa Water Treatment Building Exterior Hawaii

Iao Surface Water Treatment Plant Upgrades

Water & Wastewater

Water Treatment Plant Exterior

Waimea Water Treatment Plant

Water & Wastewater

Aeration Water Tanks

Figueroa WPCF Aeration Basin Rehabilitation

Water & Wastewater

Central Weber Wastewater Treatment Plant

Central Weber Wastewater Treatment Plant

Water & Wastewater

Arial View Septage Handling Facility

Kahului Septage Handling Facility

Water & Wastewater

Bodell Construction has completed successful projects for clients across all market segments in which the company operates.

It has been able to do so by following strict procedures for effective project execution, utilizing the latest software and training for contract, schedule, document, and financial management. Success in a general contracting relationship hinges on effective team management, strong relationships and oversight of the job’s supply-chain, proactive involvement of the project’s stakeholders and a well-defined design with very few changes.