With more than five decades of experience, Bodell Construction specializes in mining construction services for operations in Salt Lake City and our field locations. Our mining construction expertise ranges from building mining infrastructure to mine reclamation to full-scale mining operations and more. We have a deep-rooted history building and renovating mines throughout the Intermountain West, including constructing several mines near Salt Lake City, Utah since 1972. This long-standing history allows us to make well-informed decisions based on location requirements and state regulations, whether building a power generation facility like The Combined Heat and Power Facility in California or the Morenci Copper Mine in Arizona.

Our experience projects across a broad spectrum of market segments. Throughout our five decades in operation, we established relationships with many highly-regarded mining companies due to our uncompromising quality and safety standards. Clients trust us to take on concept-to-completion responsibility and provide high-quality, safety-centered, timely construction within their mining project’s budget constraints.

With corporate support and your unique input, we will succeed, regardless of the assignment or challenge. Discover how our Salt Lake City mining construction services will improve your next project— contact us today!

Five Decades of Mining Construction Experience

Bodell Construction has nearly five decades of experience working with Utah mining companies to construct, improve, preserve, and reclaim mines throughout the Intermountain West. We implement innovative systems that allow mines to operate safely and effectively. Our industry-driven solutions to today’s mining construction operations play an essential role in Salt Lake City’s mining market, as well as field locations throughout the United States. Bodell’s trusted reputation with existing and prospective clients continually unifies us to our mission of delivering industry-leading services by integrating the unique needs of dynamic client partners with innovative, value-creating solutions.

Along with our innovative mining construction techniques, Bodell Construction is committed to providing a safe work environment on all its projects. We have been recognized by various organizations and public agencies for our outstanding construction practices and our commitment to safety improvement for over a two decades. The standards and ongoing training initiatives to educate our employees and subcontractors on safe work practices and updated regulations are built on our record of experience and desire to improve safety practices. Rely on our mining construction contractors to walk you through every phase of the construction process, from project inception to completion. Get in touch with us today!

Mining Construction Services

Mining operations are integral to modern civilization that rely on electrical, gas, and material production. Although these facilities are essential, constructing them is highly complex. Mines are typically located remotely, far away from big cities or communities. Along with being far away, the facilities also take up large and deep spaces. Production facilities also use various specialized equipment that may operate non-stop to break down and process materials. Some of this technology includes cutting equipment, screening machinery, stockpiling equipment, and conveying equipment. Due to the unique operational requirements of most mining facilities, contractors play a critical role in their construction.

Our innovative contract mining services enable Bodell to create value-driven solutions for our client partners. Focusing on sustainability, productivity, and reliability, we align our efforts with our clients to create measurable efficiencies throughout the mining construction process. To meet the complex requirements facing the mining industry, Bodell fuses core contracting systems with the latest mining technologies, resulting in projects that offer durability and reliability. Whether you are a facilities owner, developer, tenant, or municipality, partner with Bodell Construction on your next project. Our mining construction company operates in Utah and field locations throughout the United States to maximize your project’s potential. These mining construction services include:

  • Site access roads
  • Mine site clearing and grubbing
  • Site facility earthworks
  • Construction of complete mine site mill facilities and plants
  • Mine reclamation
  • Leach pad construction
  • Tailings dam construction
  • Site utilities and excavation
  • Pouring foundation
  • Structural support installation
  • Pre-stripping
  • Production “peak” shaving
  • Mine operations and management
  • Crushing and mill operations
  • Turnkey mine development
  • Contract mining
  • Mine closure
  • Detailed structural and mechanical modifications
  • Leach pads
  • Tailing dams
  • Aggregate processing and production
  • Engineering services, such as feasibility studies, budgeting, and mine planning assistance
  • Construction services, such as site clearing, grubbing, and mine reclamation

Bodell’s Mining Construction Expertise

As one of Salt Lake City’s leading mining construction contractors, Bodell Construction has successfully executed some of the mining industry’s major projects. Our dedicated group of contracting professionals has the capability and expertise to execute varied scopes of work for our client partners. Bodell’s mining construction expertise encompasses all aspects of contracting from inception to completion. Our specialties range from mine reclamation services to expansions of existing facilities to the design and construction of major facility developments requiring extensive infrastructure processes.

When you partner with our Salt Lake City mining construction company, you will receive advisory services and construction expertise through the entire project timeline. We will also provide knowledgeable insights throughout our partnership as our mining contractors expertly construct your new processing plant or mining facility. Ensure that your project has the capabilities required to maximize your operation’s potential by working with Bodell.

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Mining Projects

Fully Assembled Surge Bins

Rodeo Paste Fill Plant


Beginning Construction of Mill Building

Morenci Copper Mine Structural Steel Erection


Welders Connecting Piping

J80/F95 Separations Tank Farm

Mining, Power Generation

Red Crane Setting Cylinder

Thermal Oxidizer

Power Generation

Upward Photo Smoke Stack

Combined Heat and Power Plant Phase 1 and II

Mining, Power Generation

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