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Power Plant Being Finalized

The Combined Heat and Power Facility (CHP) supplies 25MW of power and steam to various plant locations by means of a site-wide distribution network. The power is generated via simple-cycle system utilizing two Solar Titan 130 combustion gas turbines rated at 20,500 HP, each mated to a Harmon Deltak boiler package. In conjunction with the CHP, Bodell fabricated and installed a high-pressure gas regulating station and odorant injection system at the utility point of sale, approximately 3000LF of 8” underground fuel gas piping, as well as a multi-stage fuel gas reducing and filtration station adjacent to the plant. The plant is supported by a 3MW diesel engine back-up generator and other redundant back-up and load shedding systems.

The mechanical installation alone required 196,620 hours to complete. Over 36,000 linear feet of piping was installed during construction, requiring 8332 individual welds on carbon and stainless steel alloys. Pipe diameters ranged from 18” diameter steam headers to ½” chemical injection lines. Repair rate for the project was .156%.

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