45 Years In Commercial Contracting

Bodell has over 45 years of experience providing high-quality, competitive bids when construction cost is the preeminent factor in decision making, and the scope-of-work and design for a project are confirmed.

Upon completing a comprehensive review of a client’s construction drawings and specifications:

  • Construction scope-of-work is determined based upon contract document analysis
  • A survey of material quantities is taken with state-of-the-art cost estimating software to accurately price labor and materials
  • A lump-sum price is quoted to the entire, defined scope of the project

Working throughout the United States, Bodell Construction provides award-winning general contracting services from our corporate headquarters located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Commercial Contracting Projects

Kona UV Disinfection System - General Contractor Bodell Construction

Kona UV Disinfection System

Water & Wastewater

High Point Compressor Station Wyoming Build

High Point Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Colorado Burdett Pump Station

Burdett Pump Station

Oil & Gas

Wyoming Roberson Creek Compressor Station

Roberson Creek Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Alaska Utilidor Project Progresses

EIE 406 Arctic Utilidor


Ramp Expansion 3D Rendering

C-17 Type III Hydrant Refueling and Ramp Expansion

Oil & Gas

Cyrogentic Processing Plan - Bodell Construction - Commercial Contractor

Cryogenic Processing Plant

Oil & Gas

Lihue Complete Airport Fuel Farm

Lihue Airport Fuel Farm

Oil & Gas

Finished Cement on Aboveground Piping

Aboveground Piping and Linear Replacement

Oil & Gas

BYU Cogeneration Plant - Commercial contracting by Bodell Construction

Co-Generation Facility Phase 2 and 3

Power Generation

Louisville Kentucky Fuel Farm Expansion

Worldport Fuel Farm Expansion

Oil & Gas

Merging Point at Compressor Station

Silver Compressor Station

Oil & Gas

Setting Cement Foundation Columns

Bison Amine Plant Phases I, II and III

Oil & Gas

Beginning Construction of Mill Building

Morenci Copper Mine Structural Steel Erection


Welders Connecting Piping

J80/F95 Separations Tank Farm

Mining, Power Generation

Pall Flue Gas Filter Installation

MSCC Flue Gas Reduction

Oil & Gas

Foundational Columns Setting by Contractors

Greater Natural Buttes Processing Plant

Oil & Gas

Arial View Septage Handling Facility

Kahului Septage Handling Facility

Water & Wastewater

Bodell Construction has completed successful projects for clients across all market segments in which the company operates.

It has been able to do so by following strict procedures for effective project execution, utilizing the latest software and training for contract, schedule, document, and financial management. Success in a general contracting relationship hinges on effective team management, strong relationships and oversight of the job’s supply-chain, proactive involvement of the project’s stakeholders and a well-defined design with very few changes.