Oil & Gas

This project began in a greenfield and included the construction of a complex mechanical equipment sets and piping connections, testing and installation for start-up support of the new natural gas compressor station for Williams.

Bodell Construction began the project with concrete footings and foundations for the cat engines, exhaust silencers and stacks, cable tray support piers, the pump house and communication tower. The project largely consisted of three Ariel Reciprocating Gas Compressors, each driven by a 2000 HP Caterpillar engine, all housed in a new 300 feet long pre-engineered metal building. Also included are several equipment skids, a new Tank Farm, along with new Motor Control Center and PDC building. Crews set the transformer and a large percentage of the equipment and piping skids while advancing piping to the vent gas knock-out and flare at the site. Although this project was not easy to work with permafrost and harsh winter conditions, Bodell crews never gave up, and were committed to delivering a class A project to its client.

This installation facilitates natural gas gathering, processing and transmission to nearby occupiers.

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