Renovation of the concrete utility tunnel project at the Provo, Utah campus encompassed replacement of various campus tunnel sections with work ranging from installation of new tunnel concrete, decking, lid replacement, water proofing to crack injection with epoxy dowels. This will help the services vault interconnections housing multiple large-scale services infrastructure (steam, power, water supply pipes, and telecommunications cable) from freezing during the winter.

The BYU Replace/Repair Electrical Vaults Phase 2A consists of relocating and adding medium voltage switches to a new above grade vault, refeeding tunnel power from an existing transformer, removing another transformer from an existing vault, relocating medium voltage switches and transformers from the Press Building to a new exterior, above grade vault, and replace an existing medium voltage switch with a larger switch. Coordinating safe yet efficient site practices while on an operation college campus allowed for minimal impact to campus activity, traffic patterns, and staff activities, as well as the large athletic events.