This spring, Bodell Construction is back at TIMET’s production facility in Henderson, Nevada to perform three unique and challenging projects – all at the same time. Each project, with its own assigned crew, must be executed with a high level of safety consciousness during the plant’s ongoing operations.

The various scope of work activities will involve demolition of concrete footings, minor earthwork, piers, new foundations, rebar installation, concrete slab, asphalt paving, minor piping and demolition, concrete cutting, structural steel erection, metal deck demolition, welding, equipment set and ventilations set, roof demolition, install of new roofing membrane, scaffolding (stair tower) and electrical control installations.

Being familiar with the Timet campus will allow the Bodell team to deliver our reputable level of Safety-Quality-Performance for successful completion. Over time, these improvements will help to keep plant operations running more effectively, with less resources and maintenance.