Different Types of Construction Projects

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Bodell Construction is an industrial contracting firm with over 50 years of experience throughout the United States. Our family-owned operation focuses on delivering industry-leading solutions in a variety of disciplines to clients and even colleagues. From commercial construction to mining, Bodell specializes in design to build construction across any industry; our company can do it all.


Commercial Construction Projects

Bodell Construction Design/Build project - Salt Palace Convention Center Expansion

Salt Palace Convention Center Expansion in Salt Lake City Utah

We specialize in constructing industrial and commercial buildings that answer the needs of clients across various industries. When we collaborate with our commercial construction clients, we create and implement innovative solutions to build projects that fit their need.

Bodell Construction not only operates in Salt Lake City, but we are also one of the top Utah construction companies and one of the premier industrial contractors in the United States. Our projects span across an array of market segments.

Over the years, we have completed a variety of commercial construction projects such as production plants, commercial facilities, condominium complexes, and convention centers. We offer full-scale commercial construction services to help maximize your company’s potential, such as site analysis, site development, flow projections, construction cost estimating, and value engineering construction. From designing to bidding and eventually constructing, we will create a space where your business will thrive.


Mining Construction & Infrastructure

Electrical Wire Pathways

Mining Separations Tank Farm Construction Project for Molycorp Minerals LLC, in Mountain Pass, California

Bodell Construction has decades of experience in mining construction services that includes everything from full-scale mining operations to building infrastructure. Our operations in Salt Lake City and our field locations give us the expertise to make decisions based on state regulations and location requirements. Because of our decades-long commitment to quality standards and safety standards, we have established trusting relationships with many mining companies. They trust us to take their project from concept to completion.

Mining is essential in a modern civilization that relies on material, gas, and electrical production. Building these mines is a highly complex task that we are proud to tackle. We focus on core contracting systems with the latest mining technologies that result in projects that offer reliability and durability. Just a few of our mining construction services include site access roads, site facility earthworks, mine reclamation, pouring foundation, and mine closure.

We are a leader among Utah construction companies and have completed some of the mining industry’s major projects. When you partner with Bodell for your mining project, you’ll receive construction expertise and value engineering construction.


Oil & Gas Construction

Completed Dome Compressor at Sunset

Oil & Gas Construction | West Bravo Dome Compressor Station for the Hess Corporation in Mosquero, New Mexico

For five decades, Bodell Construction has been an integral part of the gas and oil industry in the United States. Because of our diverse service offerings, we have the ability to offer complete solutions for gas and oil construction projects. When it comes to building oil and gas facilities, we are one of the only Utah construction companies that can tackle any project.

Our proficiency in oil and gas construction ranges from building fuel distribution centers to processing plants to welding pipelines and fabrication to refinery infrastructures. We provide turnkey operational facilities to our client partners in all four segments of the gas and oil industry: oilfield, upstream, midstream, and downstream. Each of these sub-industries has unique requirements that we can provide solutions for.


No matter the size and scope of your project, Bodell Construction will provide the services you need to get the job done.


Power and Energy Construction

Up View Biomass Power Plant

Biomass Power Plant Construction for Green Energy Team, LLC in Kauai, Hawaii

Bodell Construction is one of the leading power contracting companies in the Intermountain West. Using our five decades of experience, we can meet your company’s needs, from site planning and project scope to outlining innovative construction and design features.

We specialize in the industrial construction of thermal power plants, generation facilities, alternative-fuel power plants, energy plant replacements, and thermal oxidizers. While planning each power plant project, we collaborate to emphasize ROI-driven solutions in power supply and demand in every client partnership. In every step, we will help you increase power generation efficiency.

We take the time to only hire highly skilled energy experts to ensure the successful completion of power plant projects. These diverse and experienced employees help us to continually improve and innovate to provide the best product for you. From inception to completion, we provide the capabilities you need to maximize your operational potential.


Water & Wastewater Systems

Figueroa WPCF Basin Rehabilitation Plant

Aeration basin at the Central Weber Wastewater Treatment Plant in Ogden, Utah

Along with our robust and varied construction portfolio, Bodell Construction provides water and wastewater solutions to anyone in the United States. Our focus on excellence in water systems has made us a trusted name not only in Utah but in the entire Intermountain West. No matter the need, we take over the project requirements from concept to completion.

We recognize that water and wastewater needs can vary greatly. No matter the requirement for the project, we can complete any water and wastewater design and build construction project. Our impressive portfolio includes water purification treatment plants, water treatment plants, sewage handling facilities, pump stations, wastewater treatment plants, and restoration services.


No matter the scope of the water and wastewater project that is needed, Bodell Construction can provide the design to build infrastructure that your company needs.


Design-Build services at Bodell Construction

With the ability to work throughout the United States, we provide top-tier design-build construction services based in our headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are the single point of contact that takes your company’s needs and makes them become a reality. Our wide array of construction services ensures that we have the ability to take your project from design to completion.

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