Common Misconceptions of Design-Build Construction

Arial View of Design-Build Construction Progress

During the Renaissance era, a master-builder would be given the assignment to construct a building and his guild would complete the entire process, from designing and planning to implementing the finishing touches. As time went on, designers and builders took on separate roles. Now, however, design-build construction is returning as a cohesive process.

Design-build construction faces a lot of misconceptions in the construction world. Bodell Construction can help debunk those misconceptions and separate myth from fact. Our industrial design-build construction firm is one of the few industrial construction firms in the country that provide comprehensive design-build construction projects. 

But first, let’s define the basics of the technical approach to design-build construction.

What Is Design-Build Construction?

Design-build refers to a construction process that marries the architectural design process with the construction project under one umbrella. Rather than having multiple contracts with an architect and a general contractor with several sub-contractors involved, the design-build construction process utilizes a single contract. 

What Are The Misconceptions Of Design-Build Construction Firms?

If you have an upcoming construction project, you may be researching construction firms and learning about their processes. There are several common misconceptions about design-build construction that you need to know before deciding how to proceed with your project.

Myth#1 – The Owner Loses Control Of Vision and Budget

A common misconception for design-build construction projects is that the reins are handed over to the company and all decisions are then made by them. 

This is patently false. 

In fact, no other type of construction projects give more control to the property owner than design-build construction. Because you are working with a single contract, your vision is the starting point of any design of the project and costs are broken down and fully transparent throughout the entire process.

Some owners and stakeholders prefer to leave the design-build process up to their construction firm. Some construction firms, such as Bodell Construction, have extensive experience in designing and building complex industrial construction projects and owners will defer to them in regards to best practices on a project. 

In other cases, owners are extensively involved in the day-to-day operations with the construction process and oversee every aspect. Bodell Construction welcomes and works with owners who want to be heavily involved as well as those who would like to transact at an arm’s-length. 

Myth #2 – Design-Build Construction Reduces Competition For Bids

While design-build construction is a highly competitive industry, unfortunately, there are construction firms that cut corners to reduce costs. In the long run, these cost-cutting measures often prove to be more expensive to fix or cause severe, sometimes life-threatening safety issues down the road.  

Experienced design-build contractors understand how to analyze bids and get the best work done for the lowest price possible, however they don’t use cost as the only factor. Over years of working on construction projects, design-build construction firms know which subcontractors provide quality work and which don’t. They will ensure that your project has the right people working on the job for the right price. 

Myth #3 – Design-Build Construction Is Only For Large Projects or Residential Homes

Many municipalities and cities are turning to design-build construction firms for all types and sizes of construction projects. While many custom residential homes are often design-build projects, large industrial construction projects can also be constructed with the design-build process, including roads, bridges, dams, mining operations, industrial plants, power and gas facilities, and more. 

Design-Build Construction Benefits A Business By Reducing An Owner’s Risk, Increasing Collaboration, and Improving Efficiencies

Design-build construction reduces an owner’s risk because a single company is designing and building the construction project. In construction projects where there is a separate architect or designer, design documents are provided with a Standard of Care statement that reduces the liability for the architect and puts the risk back into the owner’s hands. The design documents are said to be sufficient for a contractor to bid on and build the project, however, when they aren’t, the owner then faces litigation. 

In design-build, the construction firm hired to do both the designing and construction of the project is the one responsible for the bids to match the project design. Adjustments made throughout the project are generally done by the firm and communicated to the owner. 

In addition, there is increased collaboration between the owner and a single point of contact at the construction firm involved. Rather than having multiple subcontractors to communicate with, all aspects of the construction process are funneled into one communication channel, reducing miscommunication and other misunderstandings.

Finally, there is no lag time between designing a project and building a project because you have hired the same team to design and build the project. You don’t need to get bids on your designs and then award the project to another firm. 

The increased efficiency of a single point of communication and reducing the lag time between design and construction often saves money, making the design-build process more cost-effective and efficient. 

Work With A Reputable Design-Build Firm For Your Next Construction Project

Set your business apart from the competition by working with a design-build firm for your next construction project. Bodell Construction is one of the leading design-build construction firms in the United States with over 45 years of experience in industrial construction. We’ve provided comprehensive construction services, offering multi-disciplined commercial construction services from our central Salt Lake City location and field offices throughout the United States. Our team has successfully completed over $2 billion dollars worth of projects with others currently in the works. We have been entrusted with complex construction projects, taking them from conception to completion with our unique design-build process that combines our experience with your vision. 

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