Bodell Construction completed repairs for TIMET ‘s flue gas scrubber which currently draws production water into the flue vent of the facility in Henderson, Nevada.

This project involved the demolition of existing worn out pipe and installation of new pipe for water lines. The pipe system was installed from the lower elevation first, and proceeded to the upper elevations and included 28 furnace connections, new valve stations and headers. Other support systems included CPVC water supply / drainage to and from the unit, FRP scrubber suction piping and CCTV inspection and cleaning.

Bodell Construction utilized 22 craftsmen to perform welding operations, demolition, installation, structural support, and coatings within the unit boundary while wearing half mask respirators and fire retardant protective clothing.

The project was conducted during operations on a very firm schedule. It was successfully completed within the 6-week deadline, ahead of schedule and under budget with superior craftsmanship, while overcoming many obstacles that presented themselves without accident or safety issue.

This new system will help to keep plant operations running more effectively, with less resources and maintenance.